Scout Uniform

Field Uniform (Class A)

Field Uniform (Class A)

The field uniform is a very important part of scouting, and we ask that the youth be in uniform for pack and den events. Field uniforms and other supplies are available at the Council Store at Camp Carpenter in Manchester. Parents and Scouts are responsible for purchasing their uniforms.

On occasion, we will ask scouts to arrive in what is termed "Class B" uniforms. Please see below for details.

For up-to-date examples of the cub scout field uniform, please visit: (please note: Pack 160 does not require the full uniform, see below for specifics)

Cub Scout Shopping List (Lion only - Kindergarten grade)

  • Lion T-Shirt
  • Blue webbed Belt with Buckle
  • Lion handbook

Cub Scout Shopping List (1st – 3rd grade)

  • Blue Uniform Shirt (we recommend short sleeve).
  • Blue webbed Belt with Buckle.
  • Neckerchief. Orange for 1st grade, Yellow (or red) for 2nd grade, Blue for 3rd grade
  • Neckerchief Slide (select appropriate one for grade)
  • Daniel Webster Council Shoulder Patch
  • Pack 160 Red Numbers
  • 65 Year Veteran Bar
  • Purple World Scout Emblem
  • Den Number patch – check with your den leader for the correct number.
  • Cub Scout Handbook: Tiger Cub Book for 1st Grade, Wolf Cub Book for 2nd Grade, Bear Cub Book for 3rd Grade

Note: There are official Cub Scout Pants and shorts available, however we don’t require them. They can be costly and the boys outgrow them quickly. Any blue pants or jeans will do. We also supply our PACK 160 hats to the boys when they register, so they don’t need to buy a hat. Additional PACK 160 hats can be purchased for family members or to replace lost hats.

Patches are placed on the uniform as follows:

Webelos Shopping List (4th – 5th grade)

Webelos switch to the khaki Boy Scout shirt with blue shoulder loops. This shirt will be used throughout the Boy Scout program (grade 6 up). Webelos wear the plaid Webelos neckerchief.

• Khaki Uniform Shirt (we recommend short sleeve).

• Blue Shoulder Loops

• Plaid Neckerchief.

• Webelos Neckerchief Slide (or you can continue to use your old slide.)

• Daniel Webster Council Shoulder Patch

• Pack 160 Red Numbers

• 65 Year Veteran Bar

• Purple World Scout Emblem

• Den Number Patch

• Webelos Scout Handbook

Manchester Scout Shop (603-622-5060)

Directions: I-93 North, Exit 5 Londonderry. Take right onto Route 28. Take next left onto Auburn Road. Follow Auburn Road to stop sign at Old Derry Road. Take Left onto Old Derry Road. Follow about 2.0 miles, take right onto Blondin Road, drive all the way into camp - Parking will be in the front of the building ("pond" side of the building) - entrance to the Scout Shop is on the ground level. (Total miles from I-93 to Camp Carpenter, 3.0)