Pack 160 History

Pack 160 History

Pack 160 was first chartered in 1951.  We have been proudly providing a scouting program in the town of Salem for over sixty years! Pack 160 is sponsored by the Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church. Previously charted by the Salem Derry Elks Lodge who has been a strong supporter of scouting over the years.

Past Cubmasters

Everything the Cubmaster does is aimed at helping the individual youth. Securing strong leaders, planning den and pack activities, advising other leaders and adult family members—these are all ways in which the Cubmaster affects the kind of Cub Scouting each youth in the pack is offered. The Cubmaster directly influences the lives of our youth by keeping in mind that they can become better through Cub Scouting.



Pack 160 Marching in the Salem Holiday Parade circa 1967


Pack 160 Marching in the Salem Holiday Parade (circa 2010)

 Thanks to Donna Viau (Den Leader 1992 - 1999) for providing some of this historical information!